About us

Industrial Cable Solutions

LEONI HighTemp Solutions GmbH, based in Halver, Germany, is a leading manufacturer of cable solutions for particularly challenging areas of application, e.g. with extreme temperatures from -190°C to +1250°C. We develop the necessary compounds and ensure the optimal cable design for customer-specific applications. In addition to the automotive industry, our customers include other industries such as medical technology, mechanical and plant engineering and many more.


Our markets

  • Sensors
  • Electric motors
  • Temperature measurement
  • Medical equipment
  • Laboratory equipment 
  • Power engineering 
  • Food equipment 
  • Ship/marine engineering 
  • Machinery/plant engineering 
  • Control technology 
  • Defense technology

Manufacturing process

At LEONI HighTemp Solutions we manufacture everything from classic thermoplastic to ram-extruded and banded PTFE cables cables. We are able to strand a large number of cores in one process step and apply shield braids with a wide variety of materials using different types of braiding machines. With our sheath extrusion lines we have the ability to produce large diameters made of fluorine, silicone, as well as classic thermoplastic materials.

Sales contact

LEONI HighTemp Solutions GmbH


+49 2353 6687-0