LEONI EcoSense® - charging cables

LEONI offers electric charging cables in straight and coiled version with international approvals.

Our EV charging cables for electric vehicles support different charging modes in various regions – global partner for local solutions: 

  • 1-phase AC charging for domestic connection 
  • 3-phase AC charging for domestic connection and public charging station
  • DC charging for quick charging

Our products for e-mobility:

Electric vehicles can be charged at either public charging stations or from domestic wall boxes. In addition to the internal wiring of the charging station, LEONI provides the matching cable for every charging mode (AC and/or DC) with country-specific approvals in straight or coiled form.

Our electric charging solutions


LEONI EcoSense® Nxt and LEONI EcoSense® Nxt+
LEONI EV charging cables

for conductive charging systems

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