CPR Certificates

Construction Products Regulation 305/2011

On the safe side with LEONI low fire hazard cables

From 1 July 2017, all energy cables, control cables and communication cables intended for permanent installation in building structures must be manufactured and evaluated in accordance with the harmonised European standard hEN 50575 and labelled with a CE marking pursuant to the EU Construction Products Regulation 305/2011.

In addition, a declaration of performance must also be prepared on the basis of assessments and classifications carried out by an accredited and notified testing body. A key element of the CE marking and declaration of performance stipulated by law is the specification of the fire rating.

LEONI offers low fire hazard cables with reduced flame propagation and heat development with the simultaneously low release of corrosive gases and smoke in accordance with the Regulation.

The provisions of the Construction Products Regulation allow for a series of fire ratings – from Aca (incombustible) to B2ca, Cca, Dca, Eca and Fca (no requirements, combustible).

Alongside the fire ratings, the following properties are also specified:

  • Smoke emission (s1 to s3)
  • Corrosivity (a1 to a3)
  • Flaming droplets (d0 to d2)

For buildings with very high safety requirements, such as hospitals, low fire hazard cables with a B2cas1 d1 a1 rating should be used. For buildings with high safety requirements, such as schools, cables with a Ccas1 d1 a1 rating are adequate. For medium fire risks, cables with a Dcas2 d2 a1 rating are provided.

You can find more information about the individual classes, including the test procedures and classification criteria, in the publications of ZVEI e. V., Association of the Electrical and Digital Industry, Cable Makers' Association. 

Declaration of Performance (DoP)

For cables and wiring products subject to the EU Construction Products Regulation, a declaration of performance must be provided from 1 July 2017 onwards.

This declaration of performance confirms the conformity of the construction product with the specified fire resistance properties.

In this area, you can download the declarations of performance for the LEONI cable and wiring products that can be used as construction products.

Simply enter the Number of Declaration of Performance and you can access the declaration of performance you need directly.

The DoP number as well as version number can be found 

  • on the CE label of your product or
  • in the offer/order documents or data sheets
  • or from your responsible sales representative upon request.

The highest respectively last DoP version always applies for goods to be produced.

The Declaration of Performance is available in all official EU languages. In order to get to the German version, simply use < Ctrl. F > „[DE]“, for English < Ctrl. F > „[EN]“, etc.

Please only print what is required.

Declaration of Performance

In the following section you can download the declaration of performance in 24 languages ​​for all of our cables and wires classified according to the Construction Products Regulation:

LEONI EcoSense® H05Z1Z1-F 3G1.5 (ST)DW
LEONI EcoSense® H05Z1Z1-F 3G2.5 (ST)DW
LEONI EcoSense® H05Z1Z1-F 5G1.5 (ST)DW
LEONI EcoSense® H05Z1Z1-F 5G2.5 (ST)DW
LEONI EcoSense® L03Z1Z1-U 2X0.5
LEONI EcoSense® S05Z1STZ1-K 5G2.5 BL
LEONI EcoSense® S05Z1STZ1-K 3G1.5 BL
LEONI EcoSense® S05Z1STZ1-K 5G1.5 BL
LEONI EcoSense® S05Z1STZ1-K 3G2.5 BL
LEONI EcoSense® S07Z1-FL 7X2.5 BL
LEONI EcoSense® H05Z1Z1-F 3G2.5
LEONI EcoSense® L1Z1Z1-F 3G1.5
LEONI EcoSense® L1Z1Z1-F 3G2.5
H05VV-F 2...5 X 0.75...2.5 mm²
LEONI EcoSense® H05Z1Z1-F 2X1.5
LEONI EcoSense® H05Z1Z1-F 3G1.5

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