Temperatures ≥ 150 °C

Cables for high temperature applications

High temperature cables take a special place within the automotive industry. They must fulfill high thermal as well as mechanical requirements. LEONI therefore is constantly expanding the product portfolio for its single- and multi-core cables for high temperature applications.

Apart from optimal functionality under extreme conditions, the products also highly perform in the further processing: The contacting and injection process requires a fully automatic stripping and the sheathed cable is thermally highly stressed. An important criterion is therefore a good bonding between the sheath and the overmold material. Our high temperature cables are extensively used in the engine compartment, transmission or exhaust and brake systems.

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Our product portfolio

LEONI Mocar® Beat the heat

High temperature resistant automotive cables for powertrain and engine compartment.


LEONI Adascar®

Automotive Special Cables


LEONI Adascar® – Experiences with all senses.

Advanced automotive special cables.


LEONI – Automotive cables for temperatures ≥150 °C


LEONI automotive cables