Star quad data cables for transfer rates up to 3 Gbit/s

New LEONI Dacar generation

Many vehicle owners today are keen on having the same infotainment applications in their cars as they have at home. This puts pressure on the automotive industry to be able to transfer increasing data volumes. Systems that have so far been specified to a maximum operating frequency of 1 GHz now need to transmit three times the bandwidth while still reliably transferring the required data.

Together with the chip manufacturer Inova Semiconductors, LEONI has developed a solution that fulfills these requirements. Since several years Inova has been a well-known name because of its APIX system for differential data transmission inside the vehicle via CML. The new APIX2 technology offers high definition images with 24-bit colour depth and a video refresh rate of 100Hz. In combination with the standard vehicle display resolution of 1,600 x 600 pixels, the total volume of data to be transmitted reaches 2.3 Gbit/s. The special ability of APIX2 is to transmit besides video also up to eight audio channels, data via I2C or SPI and even 100Mbit Ethernet in real-time using the new LEONI Dacar 636 cable.